"A veces las personas más calladas son las más interesante y las más frias son las que tienen los sentimientos más verdaderos

  • stopcallingmebitch:

    Two weeks later, we spoke again.

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    you automatically turn gay if you drink this

    what happens if im already gay and i drink it tho?


    I would like to increase my gay to gay square please

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  • wastedm1nd:

    Best plot twist

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    a very classy “up yours”

    This right here. This is why we need to make this movie a commercial success even if some of us find the story formulaic. If it underperforms or outright fails, it might be a long time before we see a film like it again. If it all.

    Please watch it please
    The last movie i remember with a Mexican protag that was animated was Los tres caballeros from 1987

    And even THAT doesn’t really count

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  • vaind:

    do you ever think you’ve gotten over someone but then you see them smile or laugh and it literally makes your heart stop out of nowhere and then you realize how fucked you are